Group's Business Structure

Vincent Medical Holdings Limited

(Incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability)
(Stock Code: 1612)

  • OEM Business

    (Original Equipment Manufacturing)

    - 2nd largest exporter of respiratory and anesthesia disposables in China in 2015
    - Established OEM business since 1997
    - Solid OEM customers base, comprising major international healthcare and medical device companies
    - Product focus: respiratory & anaesthesia disposables, imaging CMPI disposables, orthopaedic & rehabilitation products


  • OBM Business

    (Original Brand Manufacturing)

    - Established OBM business since 2003
    - Established domestic and international distribution network, selling our “Inspired Medical” (“英仕醫療”) brand of products (also under “Hand of Hope” and “Hypnus” brands)
    - Research and development capability, covering in-house R&D, close collaboration with research partners, and acquisition of advanced technologies
    - Product focus: respiratory equipment & disposables, orthopaedic & rehabilitation products



*source: CIC report based on export value in 2015



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