Company Profile

About Vincent Medical

Established in 1997, Vincent Medical starts as a OEM manufacturer for a wide range of medical devices and equipment including Class I, II and III devices, and have gradually become a trusted OEM manufacturer for major international healthcare and medical device companies through our core values of “Innovation, Quality and Reliability”.

In 2003, Vincent Medical established its own “Inspired Medical”「英仕醫療」 brand of respiratory equipment and disposable products as well as orthopedic and rehabilitation products.

We have accumulated significant expertise in the production of respiratory devices. Under the Inspired Medical brand, we are well-positioned to further develop and commercialize the relevant respiratory systems and devices to enhance patients’ respiratory care.

Over the years, through both product innovation and mergers and acquisition, Vincent Medical is now offering products and services from well-known, respected healthcare brands that include Inspired Medical, Hypnus, Rehab Robotics and others.


Our Mission and Values

Patient first !

Here at Vincent Medical, everyone understands that in everything we do and what and how we do it, it will have a significant impact on patients’ safety and experience. Hence, it is our goal to ensure we are putting every effort to ensure that the patient gets the best quality possible from our products. The responsibility in delivering this promise is from everyone at Vincent Medical.


Combine cutting edge technologies with existing know-how to develop new products for wider clinical application


Internationally-recognized quality system and continuous improvement in manufacturing process to drive product quality.


The long term business partner you can trust and collaborate with.