CE Mark Approval for a Wide Spectrum of Inspired Medical Products

9th December 2019

Vincent Medical Holdings Limited (“Vincent Medical” or together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”, stock code: 1612) is pleased to announce that it has received Conformité Européene (“CE”) mark approval for wide spectrum of respiratory products under the in-house brand Inspired Medical. The CE marking confirms that the products meet the requirement of the European Medical Device Directive, which allows the Group to commercialize the products across the European Union and other CE mark geographies.

There were four key new products, among all others, that received the CE mark approval, namely:

1. Sterile Heat and Moisture Exchange Filters (Sterile HMEF), a disposable accessory designed for use in breathing systems in hospital for moisture and heat retention;

2. Nasal Cannulas, a two-pronged disposable oxygen delivery device to facilitate the delivery of high-flow oxygen therapy to patient;

3. Electronic Air Oxygen Blenders (O2B), medical equipment designed to deliver blended air and oxygen for the purpose of respiratory/inhaled oxygen therapy in a hospital setting; and

4. High Flow Heated Respiratory Humidifiers, medical equipment designed to warm and add humidity to gases delivered to patients.

Mr. Vincent Choi, Chairman of Vincent Medical stated, “Obtaining the CE marking opens up new opportunities for our Inspired Medical brand as we are bringing new products and systems to the market that we believe will benefit patients and healthcare providers. The Electronic Air Oxygen Blenders and High Flow Heated Respiratory Humidifiers will further strengthen our presence in the global high-flow oxygen therapy market which was valued at more than US$3 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow to over US$9 billion by 2025. The CE certification is important to support the continued long-term growth of Inspired Medical, i.e. our original brand manufacturing operation.”