Donate Respiratory Devices and Disposables to Kaiping City of Guangdong Province

17th January 2023

Vincent Medical Holdings Limited (“Vincent Medical” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”, stock code: 1612), a global respiratory medical device and disposables supplier, announces that it has donated a batch of high-flow oxygen therapy device and dedicated disposables worth HK$1.08 million to Kaiping City of Guangdong Province, in its latest support to the local medical institutions in the combat of COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement ceremony was held at the Kaiping Central hospital on 16 January.

The donated medical device, Vincent Medical’s O2FLO high flow respiratory humidifier (“O2FLO”), is a non-invasive respiratory device that uses high-flow oxygen therapy technologies, capable of providing patients with uninterrupted, stable, and adjustable (concentration, temperature, and humidity) oxygen gas through the use of dedicated nasal plugs. The high-flow oxygen gas could in turn, quickly improve patient’s blood oxygen saturation, and address their need for immediate breathing support. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, high-flow oxygen therapy has been widely adopted across countries, and has received favourable reviews among medical practitioners. The device is also suitable for the treatment of other respiratory diseases other than COVID-19.

Mr. Vincent Choi, Chairman of Vincent Medical, says, “As a medical technology enterprise that puts patients first, Vincent Medical always strives to give back to the society. During the pandemic, we do our best to maintain a steady supply of respiratory devices and disposables to frontline medical personnel. This time, the donation does not only fit for our cause, but also our ‘In China, For China’ strategy. Looking ahead, we will continue to focus on the mainland China market, striving to seize the huge opportunities from domestic substitution and low market concentration through our growing and products and production capability.”

On behalf of Kaiping Municipal People’s Government, Secretary Zhonghua Yu presented a certificate of appreciation to Mr. Vincent Choi, Chairman of Vincent Medical.


– End –