Earlier-than-Scheduled Resumption of Manufacturing of Respiratory Medical Supplies to Support Hubei Government’s Attempt for Combating the Coronavirus Outbreak

29th January 2020

Vincent Medical Holdings Limited (“Vincent Medical” or together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”, stock code: 1612) announces the early resumption of manufacturing a range of medical supplies, especially respiratory-related medical products, in order to support the unwavering combat of the 2019 novel coronavirus (or “2019-nCoV”) in the capacity as a respiratory medical device manufacturer.

The Group has seen a major uptick in the demand for its hospital use respiratory devices and disposable medical products around the Chinese New Year holiday, including heated humidifiers, respiratory bacterial and viral filters, humidification chambers and breathing circuits. In light of this, the Group is moving fast to resume manufacturing at its production facility on 28th January 2020, ahead of the pre-determined 3rd February 2020, striving to fulfill specific orders from Hubei province of the PRC.

The Group feels a sense of obligation to be part of the combat of the outbreak, hopefully alleviating some of the burdens of the greater communities at its best possible endeavors.

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