Received CFDA Approval for Its Jointly Developed LED-based Wearable Phototherapy Device

20th February 2018

Vincent Medical Holdings Limited (“Vincent Medical” or together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”, stock code: 1612) is pleased to announce that Kanga-careTM, a LED-based wearable phototherapy device that the Group and Avalon Photonics Holdings Limited (“Avalon Photonics”) jointly developed, has successfully attained the approval on registration from China Food and Drug Administration (“CFDA”).

Avalon Photonics is a medical device and technologies company under the leadership of Dr. Manson Fok and Dr. Johnson Yiu-Nam Lau. It has reached an investment agreement with the Group to jointly advance the ongoing development and commercialisation of Kanga-careTM in September 2017.

Kanga-careTM, classified as a CLASS-II device, is an innovative portable phototherapy device for intended application in neonatal jaundice, suitable for both home and hospital use. It consists of a cotton fabric wrapper embedded with light panels that connects to a handy light emitting device, which allow cuddling and establishment of breastfeeding without interrupting phototherapy, while removing the need of eye-shield for infants or parents.

“Receiving CFDA’s approval for marketing the Kanga-careTM in China is a significant achievement for Avalon Photonics, we believe Kanga-careTM will offers material benefits to the newborns, their parents as well as the caregivers. We thank our medical advisors Drs. Philomena Tse and Jane Fang for their clinical advice and Vincent Medical for the excellent support provided during the product development and approval process. We now look forward to bringing this innovative product to the China market.”, said Dr. Manson Fok, MBBS, FRCS, Chairman of Avalon Photonics.

Mr. Vincent Choi, Chairman of Vincent Medical, commented, “We are extremely pleased to announce the approval of Kanga-careTM in the important Chinese market. This represents another major step in enhancing our capabilities, as well as extending our product coverage into the paediatric medical equipment market, which is one of the fastest-growing areas in China where we see great potentials. To complement the success in registration, we will raise our sales and marketing effort to drive product adoption and sales channel expansion for commercial launch in China.”