Statement on Unauthorized Use of the Group’s Information for Fraudulent Financial Activities

28th April 2023

Recently, we have discovered that some groups or individuals have embezzled the information of Vincent Medical Holdings Limited (“Vincent Medical” or “the Company,” including its subsidiaries collectively referred to as “the Group”), including its name, trademark and pictures, for carrying out unauthorized fundraising activities through online channels such as “personal WeChat” and “WeChat groups”. Such action has harmed the Company’s rights and interests, and has caused serious damage to its corporate image. The Company has reported the case to the public security authorities.

The Company hereby declares that all of the Group’s business operations are in compliance with the appropriate laws and regulations, and it has not authorized any person or company of any origin to solicit or conduct any public fundraising activities. The Company’s sole official website is To safeguard the rights and interests of the public and to protect the Company’s legal rights and corporate image, the Company wishes to clearly state that:

  1. The Company has neither carried out any public fundraising activities through unofficial channels, nor entrusted any third party to carry out such events.
  2. The Company makes no representation with respect to any unauthorized investment projects or fundraising activities carried out under its name or image, and the Company assumes no responsibility for any potential damages incurred.
  3. The Company reserves the right to take legal action against any illegal units or individuals, who deceive the public for monetary benefits under the name or the identity of the Company and its employees.

We urge the public to stay alert and beware of potential fraudulent activities.

Vincent Medical Holdings Limited